Limited Edition Reproductions

Alone Among Friends
Edition of 100

Bob McNelly is the owner of the Willaha Ranch about 30 miles south of Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona. It’s not so big anymore but, it’s a place that hangs on to the old traditions. This Phippen Award winnin’ paintin’ shows Bob workin’ the herd on the western part of the ranch. He knows every animal on the place by sight so he really can be “Alone Among Friends”.

A Little Adjustment
Edition of 500

One thing that’s certain on a workin’ ranch is a day don’t go by without somethin’ comin’ loose, slippin’ off, or breakin’.

Dust and Daydreams
Edition of 100

Billowin’ dust and a parched throat can start the imagination workin’ on a warm Friday afternoon.

Hang onto Your Hat!
Edition of 500

The McNelly boys work the Willaha with their dad. Times have been tough in Northern Arizona the last few years. Dry winters have left slim graze and empty tanks. Seems like the summer monsoons bring more wind than rain.

Keep ‘Em Movin’
Edition of 500

In the old days, the Willaha had it’s own sidin’ on the Santa Fe line from Williams up to Grand Canyon. Nowadays the pens and chutes are still used durin’ gatherin’ and brandin’ but, it’s trucks waitin’ for their load not the train