Gallery 2 – Southwest Collection


Oak Creek Ranch

Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon is at the heart of one of God’s most beautiful creations. It was settled early on and a few gems still exist if you know where to look.

Sabino Canyon

A favorite spot for the folks down Tuscon way.

Winter Water

The tanks don’t fill much in a hard winter ‘til the Spring thaw. So, one with water is a popular spot. The series, “Winter Water” and “Snow Ponies” were inspired one day when I saw a white horse in a snowy pasture down South Rd way.

Snow Ponies II

A companion series to Winter Water


Hidden Canyon II

Up on the “Rez” tucked away in secret canyons are hundreds of the Ancient Ones’ homes.

Pueblo Sisters

In the Southwest, the Pueblo Indian cultures are found in Arizona and New Mexico. They have a common heritage, hence the title for this series. The paintings, based on turn of the century photos, are done in old-time sepia each with a surprise of color.

Blade Rock
Pen & Ink Drawing 17×11

All over the Southwest, the Ancient Ones left a record of their passing chipped onto boulders, cliffs, and alcoves.

Charlie B

Back in the 90’s, C K Brothers owned an art gallery in Williams, AZ. While showcasing his contemporary Cowboy style and the work of others, the space lacked a Southwestern element that visitors often asked about. He searched for a developing artist with a contemporary flair, but came up empty. So he developed the style he was looking for, and Charlie B was born. He did not use the C K Brothers name with this decorative style. Since it was a huge departure from his main body of work, he did not want to confuse his collector base.

Maidens of the Mesas

Maidens of the Mesas II & III
Sold as a set of 2 | 17×11

Beehive Cave

El Tigre

Still Life with Pots

Still Life with Pots II